Jonathan Majors’ lawyer reveals texts from victims who admit guilt

Jonathan MajorsThe attorney released text messages from the alleged attack victim, in which he appeared to admit guilt in the incident that led to his arrest earlier this week

Priya Choudharythe majors’ attorney, told multiple outlets including TMZ and The Wrap that the woman, who has not been publicly identified, sent the texts in question to the ‘Creed III’ actor just hours after his arrest last weekend and “admitted it she was the one who used physical violence against him.”

Jonathan Major’s lawyer says texts from the alleged victim show her client is innocent

Texts allegedly sent by the victim say she was furious when Jonathan was handcuffed, adding: “Will make sure nothing happens. I told them it was my fault for trying to steal your phone.”

“I told them it was my fault that I tried to pick up your phone,” the first text reads, adding in the third text that she “read the paper they gave me about strangulation.” and I said clearly that this did not happen and should be removed immediately” and that “the origin of the call had to do with my breakdown and powerlessness and your concern as my partner based on our previous communications. ignored.”

Another text sent a few hours later shows the woman claiming she is working hard to ensure the district attorney doesn’t press charges against Majors.

Chaudhry has reportedly since turned those texts over to authorities.

On March 25, Majors was arrested for assault, aggravated assault, attempted assault and harassment after the alleged victim reportedly witnessed another woman texting him, prompting her to take a look at his cell phone.

Attorney says text messages and video footage will clear majors’ name

On Sunday, Chaudhry told TMZ that she was already gathering evidence to refute those allegations, claiming the above text and video footage would clear the Majors’ name.

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Last week, The shadow room reported that Majors, 33, was arrested after an emergency call was made from an apartment in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. A statement from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) said the victim suffered minor head and neck injuries.

The victim was identified as a 30-year-old woman.

Actor Jonathan Majors has issued a statement on the domestic dispute charges.

— Astrid Martinez (@astridtv1) March 26, 2023

Majors charged with assault, strangling and molestation, attorney claims he’s ‘completely innocent’

Although he has reportedly been charged with assault, strangulation and molestation, his attorney claims he is “completely innocent,” with evidence to prove it. In a statement to TMZ, the attorney claimed the actor was the actual victim.

“Jonathan Majors is completely innocent and has been proven to have been the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows. We are rapidly gathering evidence and presenting it to the district attorney with the expectation that all charges will be dropped shortly,” Chaudhry wrote.

The evidence Chaudhry mentioned allegedly includes video footage from the vehicle in which the alleged attack took place, testimonies from the driver and others, and two written statements from the woman involved. In the written statements, the woman allegedly recanted her allegations, according to Chaudhry.

Lawyer alleges majors accuser has ’emotional crisis’, US Army pulls majors from ads

Jonathan’s lawyer also suggested that the incident stemmed from an emotional reaction from the woman.

A judge eventually released him without bail. His next court appearance is reportedly scheduled for May.

Meanwhile, the backlash against Jonathan over the allegations has already spread beyond social media platforms. Over the weekend, the US Army ran two recruiting ads featuring majors.

TMZ has suggested the woman is Major’s girlfriend, according to law enforcement. They claim jealousy sparked the incident, which included the woman confronting him for texting another woman. The outlet added that she tried to look at Majors’ phone and he reacted angrily, allegedly grabbing her hand and punching her.

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