Jim Acosta urges Trump to take his faux presidential seal and play President Play elsewhere

CNN’s Jim Acosta told Trump he was a pretender who had to take his fake presidential seal and play president elsewhere.


Jim Acosta says to Trump: “Please take your fake White House seal and go play president somewhere else.” pic.twitter.com/WmmNppSKeb

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 10, 2021

Acosta said:

Trump actually had it backwards. It is much more difficult to act as president and leave the stage with dignity and grace. And maybe some humility. With that in mind, I would like to address something. A few weeks ago I compared Trump’s comeback tour to the circus full of sideshow acts and clowns. I later got an email from an expert in the circus industry. This person pointed out that the comparison is actually not fair because, unlike the chaos of the Trump world, the circus is carefully put together and organized. That’s a great point.

Comparing Trump to a clown is definitely an insult to clowns. He’s more of one of those mask-hating customers in the supermarket. You saw it. A Karen, or whatever the name would be in Trump’s case. You can almost hear him say, “I want to talk to the manager about the election.” “I want to talk to the manager on Twitter or Facebook.” And the Americans are like the store managers. We have to explain, sir, you lied about the election. You started a riot. You have to leave the shop or we will call security. Please take your fake White House seal and play president elsewhere.

Trump has always been a fake

Trump was a false business success. He was a fake rich person and he was a fake president, so pretending to still have power is exactly what Donald Trump has always done. Trump is a scammer, and Jim Acosta spoke for the vast majority of Americans when he told him to take his fake White House and play president elsewhere.

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