Jessica White accuses Nick Cannon of hiding Brittany Bell’s being pregnant

Nick Cannon greets baby # 2 with Brittany Bell

Jessica White says the story behind their relationship is too much, much more Nick Cannon.

The supermodel had a recurring relationship with The Masked Singer when a woman from his past unexpectedly announced last June that she was pregnant with his child. At the time, some speculated that Jessica was the other woman in that apparent love triangle, but new claims by the 36-year-old paint a very different story.

Jessica broke her silence on Friday, January 8th, in the episode of FOX Souls Hollywood Unlocked starring Jason Lee, in which she accused Nick of hiding the former beauty queen Brittany Bellis pregnancy from her.

“I found out on Instagram along with the rest of the world,” said Jessica.

In fact, Jessica said that shortly before she announced her own pregnancy, Brittany miscarried and was preparing to start with Nick In Vitro.

“She was aware that two weeks before her message was posted I miscarried because he told me he had told her,” claimed Jessica. “I lived in his house and she knew it too.”

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