Jensen Ackles discovers Supernatural Hyperlink on the final day of the brand new present

Jensen Ackles may be on a new show, but Supernatural is still at the forefront of his thinking.

On Friday, September 10, the 43-year-old actor took to Instagram to commemorate the final day of shooting for the third season of The Boys. And in this celebratory video, Ackles highlighted a sweet connection between his new show and the one that made him famous.

“Okay gang. Fun fact for you,” he said on his latest post on social media. “A year ago today, September 10, 2020, was the last day on the set of Supernatural. Today, September 10, 2021, is the last day on the set of The Boys. Coincidence?”

He also wrote on Instagram: “What is the universe trying to tell me? #Spnfamily @theboystv #thatsawrap”

Ackles played Dean Winchester in the fantasy drama for the CW for 15 seasons. As he noted in the most recent video, the final year marked the final day of production on the long-running series, which inspired a heartwarming post from Ackles.

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