Jeannie Mai marries Jeezy on the wedding ceremony ceremony within the yard

As for Jeezy’s appearance, he called the tailor Teofilo Flor and stylist Chris Shelby to create his one-of-a-kind champagne blush suit. He embellished the look with a black pocket square.

Also, guests who were tested twice for COVID before the ceremony wore off-white. When they entered, they were asked to leave their phones on the door so they could live in the moment and prevent messages from being spread.

At the actual ceremony, Jeannie honored her heritage by instituting a Vietnamese tea ceremony under the direction of her brother. Jeannie said, “At this ceremony we honored our parents by pouring tea to welcome Jeezy into my family and me into his. Then we paid our respects to our parents and ancestors by bowing four times.” each symbolizing a significant gift in life that they have given us. “

After their wedding, the bride and groom danced with a live jazz band before family and friends gave speeches. Jeannie’s mother even gave her own special performance.

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