Jackie Aina shoots down the justifications for the range of the sweetness trade

As Aina put it, there’s still a lot to be done in the beauty world, but she’s also looking through excuses the industry continues to make. “I really think that if you want to serve a particular community,” she said. “Brands know how to create technologies that fill pores in products, we know how to make lip fillers, we know how to do all these different things, so I just feel like all the standard excuses … we’re always needed that way to say, “Oh, it’s harder to do …” but it’s not impossible so make it happen, we have so many products out there that require decades of innovation, but we still make them here and so on I’ve just learned that there is literally no excuse. “

As the advocate for inclusivity pointed out, the process of making darker hues “isn’t harder at all”. However, the lack of diversity goes beyond the products themselves. “There are brands that are still far from not showing diversity in their campaigns, they don’t work with different models, they don’t even take into account certain demographics,” she listed, “and yes, it’s very obvious that you do not want. “

Fortunately, customers are no longer on the same list of companies. If a makeup house doesn’t want to expand its demographics, “that’s fine. I don’t have to force it. I can go where I’m celebrated,” she said. “I can go where I am valued and thank god there are so many more brands today who value me and make products for people like me.”

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