Invoice Nye’s sister thought Jennifer Coolidge was referring to him in his speech

And the award for the most hilarious mix-up goes to…

if you thought Jennifer Coolidge it referred to Bill Nye instead of Bill Nighty You are not alone in your speech at the Golden Globes. The Science Guy, 67, recently revealed even his own sister was confused.

“My sister called me, my sister!” he told E Exclusive! News at the seventh annual Blue Jacket Fashion Show in New York on February 1st. “‘You won the Golden Globe?’ ‘No! That’s the other guy.'”

However, Nye met Nighy once in New York. “He was in a play called Skylight, and I went and saw it,” the famous science educator continued. “Thought it was great. And then we both ended up with her [same] restaurant and I took a selfie with him. He’s a very nice guy. And he assured us that he pronounces his name the same way I do.”

However, Nye reiterated that the two spell their last names differently. “His, I think it’s Gaelic from somewhere in the British Isles,” he added. “Nye is a misspelled Danish word for ‘new’. It’s spelled wrong, but it looks good on New Year’s Eve. NYE, that’s it.”

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