Indicted felon Trump was greeted with a handshake by regulation enforcement in Massachusetts

Trump arrived in Massachusetts and was greeted by a group of police officers who wanted to shake his hand.


Massachusetts police officers greet the accused felon at the airport.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) June 27, 2023

In almost all jurisdictions, it is illegal for police officers to engage in partisan political activities while wearing uniform. The hypocrisy of those paid to protect and serve, who gleefully shook hands with a man accused of more than 70 federal and local crimes should not have escaped anyone’s notice.

One of the reasons Donald Trump continues to break laws, and may continue to break laws, is the type of treatment he received in the video above. No community should want its police officers hanging out with Donald Trump.

Trump keeps breaking the law because far too many people give him special treatment. It’s hard to believe that everyone is equal before the law when a man who has confessed to stealing confidential government secrets is greeted like a hero.

This is wrong and is why so many Americans don’t believe Trump will be held accountable until they see it for themselves.

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