Immortal Beloved: See the Solid of Twilight Then and Now

After I was in the band 100 monkeys From 2008 to 2012, the actor who played Jasper Hale continued to make television and small films after the end of the Twilight saga, but also focused on making more music, dropping a solo album called American Spirit Blues.

In one of those strange strokes of fate that luckily turned out to be okay, in 2014 Rathbone was on board a Jetblue flight that had to make an emergency landing after an engine explosion. He tweeted all about it, including how he and his wife have been since 2013, Sheila Hafsadi |and then-2 year old son, Monroehad to get off the emergency slide.

He lives in Monroe, Texas with Sheila and their three children. Monroe, daughter Presley and son Felixwho was just born in January 2020.

A video he posted of himself on April 7, 2020 and played on his guitar earned comment from his Twilight sister Nikki Reed, who wrote, “Oh, that made me miss you! Once and all in Awe of your multitasking skills. “

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