How Katie Sturino constructed a profession in opposition to chest sweat and self-love

When you scroll her Instagram, it’s hard not to also notice the pictures of Katie struggling to put on new clothes that just don’t fit one way or another – a scenario that anyone looking at is likely to has been through at least once in his life. What made you want to share a situation that can often be frustrating, embarrassing or downright painful with the entire Internet? Katie decided the guilt was out of place.

“I’d put on a little weight and made this big order at a store and nothing came close to me,” she recalled, recalling the turning point. “I thought, guess what, that’s absurd. I’m a fashion blogger from New York City and I can’t even find something to wear in this very large order from a very expensive retailer I just decided to get the shame out of my head and just put it on the clothes manufacturers because I was the average height of a woman in this country. “

These posts make up her ongoing series #MakeMySize, in which she brazenly urges brands to expand their size ranges while using herself as living proof that customers are not being served. “I’m not calling out brands, I am calling out brands,” she clarified. “I’m inviting you to a dialogue, I’m not driving you crazy, I’m not like ‘boycotting this brand’. It’s never like that. ”

Nevertheless, their stance remains crystal clear. How she to E! News: “Brands that are not sized for the average tall woman in this country still make no sense to me.” As more and more retailers listen and catch up, you hear Katie, “If you’re in a locker room and the jeans don’t get over your knees and that’s the largest size they make, that’s not really your problem.”

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