How Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper Clarify Paparazzi to Daughter Lea

When you’re Irina Shayk, paparazzi are just another part of everyday life. 

However, while the 35-year-old supermodel is no stranger to a camera, her 4-year-old daughter with ex Bradley Cooper, Lea, has a different relationship with the lenses that pop up on her walks to school. 

“Sometimes my daughter is scared—she sees the paparazzi from miles away,” Shayk told Highsnobiety as its HIGHStyle cover star. “She’s a KGB baby.” To quell her daughter’s fears, the star took a realistic approach. “We had to explain to her, like, ‘They’re just doing their job,'” she said. “‘By selling pictures, they make their living. You don’t have to be scared.'”

Though she’s remained guarded about her personal life over the years, Shayk did shed some light on her Oscar-winning ex’s approach to parenting their child. “He’s a full-on, hands-on dad—no nanny,” she said. “Lea went on holiday with him for almost two weeks—I didn’t call them once.” 

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