Homeland Safety warns that Trump and Republican election lies encourage violence

The Department of Homeland Security issued a new bulletin warning that election fraud lies, such as those promoted by Trump and the GOP, encourage violence.

The Department of Homeland Security warned:

Foreign and domestic threat actors, including foreign intelligence agencies, international terror groups, and domestic violent extremists, continue to introduce and disseminate online narratives that promote violence, and have incited violence against elected officials, political representatives, government agencies and law enforcement, religious groups or commercial establishments and perceived as ideologically opposed people.

There are also persistent, non-specific calls for violence on multiple online platforms linked to DVE ideologies or conspiracy theories on perceived electoral fraud and alleged reinstatement, as well as responses to expected restrictions related to the rising COVID case.

The election fraud lies of Trump and the GOP are incitement to domestic terrorism

Election fraud lies are an accelerator for the country’s native violent extremists. According to Homeland Security, Trump’s election lies promoted violence when Trump called on the crowd to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The lies about the legitimacy of the elections are more than a cover for massive voter suppression. They are also fuel for the local violent extremists who are among the vocal supporters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The Homeland Security Bulletin makes it clear. Those who are driving the stolen elections lie and provide fuel and incitement to local terrorists.

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