Home Votes to Improve Stimulus Checks to $ 2,000, Invoice Goes to Senate for Last Approval (Replace)

On Monday, the house voted to increase stimulus checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000.

After Trump requested major stimulus testing, his wishes appear to have been granted. At least with the house for now. Although the bill was passed with a Democrat-led vote between 275 and 134, the bill is now going to the GOP-led Senate for final approval.

While some Republicans oppose spending more, others went along with it and voted for the bill.

“Republicans have a choice: vote for this legislation or vote to reject the American people,” said House spokeswoman Nancy.

The initial additional $ 600 agreement was a compromise with Republicans over the major year-end relief bill that included $ 900 billion in COVID relief and $ 1.4 trillion in funding for government agencies.

“The bill will provide long-awaited cash for businesses and individuals and prevent a federal government shutdown that would otherwise have begun Tuesday amid the public health crisis,” said The Associated Press.

According to CBS News, while Trump signed the bill at the 11th hour, unemployment benefits had only expired 18 hours earlier.

“An estimated 12 million Americans According to a study published last week by The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, two key government programs approved by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which expired on December 26, have been lost . “

People are reportedly still receiving unemployment benefits, but chances are there might be a slight delay due to Trump’s late signature. Because of this, they are likely to receive a refund for the week (s) of payments that may be missed.

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