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Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) said Mike Pence had zero credibility with Ukraine, dismissing the former Vice President’s criticism of President Biden.


Jake Auchincloss said on MSNBC, “I can’t help but laugh.” When Ed Sheeran performs in my final days, I might as well tell him how to deliver a show. Mike Pence has that much credibility. Mike Pence was Vice President when Donald Trump was indicted for racketeering Ukraine. He was vice president when Donald Trump went to Helsinki and prostituted himself in front of Putin, which two Republican candidates called a disgrace. Mike Pence has absolutely no credibility with Ukraine. If I were him, I would spend time on the phone calling GOP members and asking them not to cut half a billion from Ukraine support like they decided two weeks ago.”

Pence has no credibility whatsoever, but it takes some to stand before the nation and criticize Joe Biden for the work he has done in support of Ukraine after serving as Trump’s vice president. Mike Pence has been shown to be politically delusional.

Former Vice President Pence believes he can woo MAGA voters while being MAGA public enemy number one because he doesn’t support Trump’s coup plan. Pence also seems to think he can hug Trump and not let the stench of the failed Trump administration cover him.

Mike Pence could have been considered a hero if he had spoken out about Trump’s coup plan and disavowed the failed president. Instead, it’s a national joke Who refuses to criticize Trump?although the former president on 1.6. tried to send a mob to kill him.

Pence is not a serious person and his criticism of Biden should not be taken seriously by anyone.

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