Hilary Duff shares a painful TMI element about her being pregnant

Hilary Duff experiences “terrible” pain in an intimate area.

During the March 12 episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pregnant younger star, who is scheduled to give birth to her third child “every day”, spoke openly about what she called her “lightning stride.”

“I didn’t have it with the other kids,” said Hilary, who is also a mother Luca, 8 and Banks, 2, said, “So the other day I texted my wife and said, ‘What’s the sharp pain in my vagina? I don’t feel it.'”

This will be Hilary’s second child and husband Matthew coma. She shares her son Luca with her ex, Mike Comrie.

The 33-year-old Lizzie McGuire alum further stated, “It feels awful. Like you’re being struck by lightning and she just wrote back, ‘Oh lightning step,’ like it wasn’t a big deal and I thought, ‘This is pretty traumatic. ‘It’ll just strike and suddenly you’re doubled up and then it’s gone. “

In more scientific terms, the effect is similarly referred to as lightning, as Hilary noted, which means “the baby is preparing for birth” or lowering so that the mother can get a full supply of pulmonary air, which the expectant mother told she wasn’t doing it in months.

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