Halsey apologizes for sharing images depicting her consuming dysfunction

Halsey says “sorry” after sharing a picture on Instagram showing the effects of her eating disorder.

The “Bad at Love” singer used the newly popular “Post a Photo of” prompt and asked fans what they wanted to see. When one said, “You at your lowest point,” Halsey shared a topless mirror selfie and wrote, according to Just Jared, “TW: ED, please help”. The image was later removed.

On Monday, December 28, the 26-year-old apologized on Twitter for the insensitive post.

She tweeted, “TW: Eating Disorders,” adding, “I’m very sorry I posted a photo of myself showing my struggle with ED without adequate withdrawal warning.”

The musician continued, “I was very nervous about posting it and I wasn’t thinking right. I had positive intentions. I would never want to harm anyone who shares my struggle.”

In another post, she stated that she would take time off social media to process it all. “With that said, I will now opt out because this has become something I am not emotionally ready for right now. I hope this is okay,” Halsey wrote.

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