Hairstylist Will not Be Urgent Prices On Consumer Who Pulled A Gun

Roommates, the online conversation about hairstylists is always ongoing. We see folks talk about today’s stylists not washing hair, their extreme policies, and their untimeliness, but there is hardly ever a conversation about customers who exhibit questionable behavior. A video recently went viral of an incident with a Milwaukee hairstylist and her client. In the clip, the client refused to pay the remaining $45 balance after she got her hair done at the salon, and then pulled out a gun on the hairstylist, DeAudrea.

Before guns were drawn, DeAudrea serviced the returning client who booked 24 hours in advance, even though she prefers her clients to book 2-3 days in advance. DeAudrea claims that she had to push the client’s appointment back, and the client was okay with that. When the client arrived, she apparently let DeAudrea know that she wanted to adjust the service she booked. Instead of going with a sew-in bob which cost $100, she opted to get a quick weave bob which cost $70 instead. DeAudrea has a policy of taking a $25 deposit from all customers, so that’s where the remaining $45 balance stemmed from.

Once DeAudrea finished the hairstyle, the client apparently said that she wasn’t happy with the look because she wanted more hair in her face. DeAudrea claims that the client suffered from breakage around the crown area, but added more hair for the client’s liking, which she claims then satisfied the client. As they were wrapping up, it came time for the client to make her payment, and that’s when the issue began.

DeAudrea claims the client wanted a discount for being rescheduled, however, DeAudrea explained her company policy and says the client understood. DeAudrea also claims that the client said she would send the $45 payment through Cash App, but said she didn’t have a signal. She then alleges that she noticed the client didn’t have sufficient funds in her account.

Both women began arguing in front of the salon, and other customers in the shop gathered to see what happened. During the argument, DeAudrea alleges that her client was laughing and stating she wasn’t going to pay, even though she liked her hair. She allegedly began gripping a gun that was in her purse. DeAudrea claims that she never invaded the client’s personal space, but she proceeded to pull the gun out from her bag and allegedly pointed it at DeAudrea.

Police were called to the scene and DeAudrea claims that’s when another woman stepped in-between them to deescalate the situation. During that time, DeAudrea also claims an additional woman in the salon alleged she was also carrying a gun. DeAudrea believes this frightened her client, so she unlocked the door to allow the client to leave.

When the police arrived, they took a report and DeAudrea claims that they took the client in for questioning. According to Milwaukee’s online inmate database, the client has not been apprehended. We asked DeAudrea if she planned on taking any legal action against the client and she shared that she doesn’t plan on pressing charges because the $45 isn’t worth it, but stated justice wasn’t served.

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