Greg Abbott’s rape statements signify misogynist Republicans

For at least the past 15 years, Americans have had to listen to some of the most bizarre comments and open lies from Republican men explaining why they have the right to dominate women and control their bodies and reproductive health. Texas Governor Greg Abbot did exactly what every religious Republican control freak has done for over a decade, providing an over-the-top justification for signing a religious law that gives fanatically religious Americans control over the bodies of Texas women.

There has been some outrage over Abbot’s rape statements in the past few days, but unfortunately he was not asked the correct follow-up questions that would force him to reveal the real reason why white Republican men were on a crusade to control American women.

When the subject of the Texas ban on abortion came up By his draconian admission with no exceptions for rape and incest, Abbot opened himself up to a real verbal attack. He suggested that six weeks after the rape was more than enough time for a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and that he had a better solution; he would put an end to the rape because “it is a crime”. He said:

“Let’s be very clear: rape is a crime. And Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting, prosecuting and removing them from the streets. “

Well, fair enough. Everyone knows that rape is a crime. But if Abbot thought he could do anything as governor of Texas, what the hell has he done in the past six years?

According to Statista, there were nearly 15,000 rapes in Texas in 2019 alone; most from every state in the nation.

It is noteworthy that Abbot was governor for three years in 2019. Where was he and why didn’t he “eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas” before nearly 15,000 women suffered violent sexual assault in 2019. If stopping rape was as easy as Abbot claims, why didn’t he get it? on off his lazy bum and stop him in his first month in office in 2015?

And while he was at it, why didn’t he chase men guilty of incest or monsters guilty of dating or legal rape? That most rapists don’t roam the streets of Texas is as obvious to anyone with a pulse as it is that Abbot doesn’t care about upholding a woman’s basic human right to control her own body.

Then there is the small problem of married men rape their wives, which is commonly known as “spouse or partner rape.” Everyone knows it happens more often than most people want to admit. If stopping rape is that easy, Abbot had six long years to stop marital rape, but he hasn’t, and the reason is perfectly clear: because he isn’t the least bit interested in quitting, let alone because to prevent rape of any kind,

If Abbot was sincere and only a fool thinks he is sincere, then in the past six years he would have spent about a day preventing evangelical preachers from molesting (rape) young girls. Despite Herculean efforts to cover up the clergy’s sexual predations, there have been quite a few reports and convictions of Texan religious leaders raping young girls. If Abbot was an upright guy and meant what he said, no one would ever see again reports of Texas pastors being tried for rape after the crime.

Abbot doesn’t care about women or girls being raped, few of the white Republican men trying to control American women do. He has made that clear over the past six years.

In fact, there are currently around 2,000 unprocessed rape kits lying around, according to records. If Abbot had made sure that rapists were held accountable for their filthy crimes against humanity, after he was sworn in as governor of Texas, he would have issued an order to process the rape kits immediately, hunt down the perpetrators and bring them to justice for rape to deliver. But he didn’t, because abolishing rapists didn’t come to mind until he was confronted with the hideous truth about the Texas ban on abortion.

House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made some news by belittling Abbot for his so-called “ignorance” about a woman’s biological functions in relation to reproduction; everything she said was honest truth. As true as their remarks were, they missed the point of the whole subject.

Whether a woman discovers she is pregnant after six days, six weeks, or six months, no man has the right to control whether she is carrying the fetus to full pregnancy – not her husband, not her preacher, not her father, not her Brother and certainly not the misogynist who sits in the governor’s villa. For God’s sake, Abbot is in his sixties so he has at least a rudimentary understanding of human reproduction. He knows damn sure that it can be triggered by violent sexual assault; something he claims to be a crime but something he has not done anything about in six years; including sitting idly while rape kits sit unprocessed.

If Abbot wasn’t a liar, he would stand up, stand up, and tell the women on national television that, in his opinion, they have no right to control their own bodies, let alone their reproductive health. In Abbot’s worldview, these rights belong to religious republican men, and that is the secondary reason a woman’s right to vote is being attacked in some way. The main reason, of course, is that Republican men are primarily misogynistic pigs.

Sound engineer and trainer for SAE. Writes op / ed comments that support secular humanist concerns and expose the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for religious freedom and especially religious freedom.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

Former clergyman, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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