Governor Andrew Cuomo guarantees to legalize grownup hashish in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shocked listeners on Tuesday when he dropped the N word live on the radio while talking about discrimination.

Roommate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, went to Twitter yesterday to confirm he plans to legalize recreational marijuana in New York state. According to his tweet, the move is aimed at increasing revenue and “ending the failed ban on this product that has over-police and jailed so many color communities”. He added, “We will legalize adult recreational cannabis and join 15 states that have already done so,” he tweeted Monday. Currently, the estimate for recreational marijuana legalization would reportedly help generate over $ 300 million in tax revenue.

In an announcement, Governor Cuomo’s office said a new agency would oversee the state’s adult use program, according to The Hill. In addition to overseeing existing medical and cannabinoid hemp programs, this new body would also create “an equitable structure for the adult market, created by providing licensing opportunities and support to entrepreneurs in the color communities disproportionately affected by the US Way on drugs. “

This is not the first time Governor Cuomo has pushed for marijuana legalization. Just last year he signed laws that could decriminalize marijuana use and allow some people who have had marijuana convictions in the past to clear their records. The issue of decriminalizing marijuana use as a whole has been much more advanced over the past two years. If its efforts continue, New York will join 15 other states that have legalized recreational marijuana use.

We know we have a lot of New York roommates. Let us know if this is a W for New York if you are good at either way.

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