Girl, who raised greater than $ 200,000 in donations after being evicted, says she will not be the organic mom of the kids she claimed in her GoFundMe marketing campaign

Las Vegas Dasha Kelly gets in the way of some people after she appeared to be the mother of three young girls while she was about to be evicted and needed help. She launched a GoFundMe campaign called “Help My Girls and I Avoid Eviction”, stating in the description that she has “3 daughters” and owes “1,900 rent”. After being featured on CNN earlier this month, she managed to beat her target.

According to the Washington Post, a woman reached out days after she was featured on CNN, stating that she is, in fact, the birth mother of the children introduced with Dasha during the news story.

Dasha posted an update on the GoFundMe campaign on Monday, saying she was not the girls ‘birth mother, but that her partner was the girls’ father, and the girls recognized her as a “mother figure”. She said, “I take care of these girls in my home at times, and have been for a few years. I loved these girls unconditionally and was out of the goodness of my heart. I treat them like my daughters and take care of them that way. This detail does not change my original need for donations to avoid an eviction. “

She said the money would be used to help her get up and money into savings accounts for the girls.

A link was provided for donors interested in a refund.

Prior to the update, around 3,700 people had reportedly donated about $ 234,000. However, that amount has since been declined, and a GoFundeMe spokesperson has frozen the money donated to her.

Nick Watt, who covered the story for CNN, said, “The girls all called their mothers, seemed very home and there was nothing we could see to arouse suspicion.”

Her birth mother, Shadia Hilo, turned to the news agency with her birth certificates to prove she was her mother. Watt said, “Shadia Hilo is understandably upset that someone else is claiming to be the mother of three of their children, children she also cares for.”

Shadia admitted Dasha looks after her girls and told CNN that she recently brought the girls to her place for a week, and then they appeared in the interview.

Watt said, “She obviously takes care of these girls at times, but in this GoFundMe post … she described the girls as her daughters, and that’s just not true.”

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