G Herbo could have unintentionally revealed on Instagram that he and Taina Williams expect a child boy

Roommate, in no time Taina Williams and G Herbo will be the proud parents of their first child together – but G Herbo may have spoiled some very big news. While they were live on Instagram, G Herbo and Taina were together, and as he stroked her baby bump, he repeatedly referred to her upcoming bundle of joy as “him”.

G Herbo jokingly said, “I’m not going to lie once we’re in the delivery room, as soon as he comes out, Imma hits him.” Taina reacted quickly to that, not that you gave my gender here. “Apparently G Herbo didn’t know what he was saying – but all of his IG supporters heard him loud and clear.

As we’ve reported earlier, G Herbo had a similar loose-lip case earlier this year when he did the same thing in February, but don’t miss the fact that he and Taina were expecting a little girl instead.

During this IG life, there have been several instances of Herbo referencing his relationship with Taina and it was believed that he was under the influence for talking a little too much. At one point G Herbo said this: “See how my daughter will be my weakness for me to get in …”

As soon as he said it, he paused awkwardly, seeming to realize that he might have said too much. Fast forward to the present and G Herbo says the opposite. In any case, sooner rather than later we’ll find out what he and Taina have.

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