Fox Information requires Biden to be charged with extending the eviction moratorium

Fox News wants Biden to be charged with saving millions from homelessness by extending the eviction moratorium.

Video from Levin about Hannity:

Mark Levin calls on Hannity to demand the impeachment of Joe Biden for extending the eviction moratorium.

Levin said: “Let me say that. I mentioned that on my radio show last week. Republicans, have you heard of this? the word impeachment? You are going down to the Limit and whine yourselves to death? I know you are not in the Majority, but you have to start explain to the American People. This requirement is violated a Ssupreme court decision. This man has the limit in violation of our open Immigration laws. You are accusing Donald Trump if he is absent because of a Letter? Establish false incitement for Revolt. This man makes tremendous Damage to this country. “

For Fox News, Biden deserves impeachment for saving 3.5 million Americans from the homeless, but Donald Trump instigated a riot that killed people and it’s a bogus charge.

The Right is looking for whatever reasons they can come up with for President Biden’s impeachment, and if they recapture a majority in the House of Representatives in 2022, they’ll try to indict Biden for whatever wrong reason so they can mitigate the effects of Trump’s two impeachments.

Things are getting delusional at Fox News, but good luck selling America in the impeachment of a president who is preventing people from becoming homeless.

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