Federal Commerce Fee Launching Investigation Concerning McDonald’s McFlurry Machines Persistently Being Damaged


#Roommates, for what seems like forever, McDonald’s McFlurry machines all across the country continue to be out of service—and now things have gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission has launched a full investigation. According to recent reports, the FTC now wants to know why the McDonald’s McFlurry machines are hardly ever working and have sent a firm message out to the popular fast food chain.

Apparently, the Federal Trade Commission is just as fed up as everyone else about the McFlurry machines at McDonald’s constantly being broken and now it wants answers. @TMZ_TV reports, the FTC has launched a thorough investigation into why the McFlurry machines are rarely working for customers to order the restaurant’s ice cream treat. The problem with the machines is reportedly due to them being incredibly complicated to operate and even more difficult to clean. Although there is a required nightly automated heat-cleaning to get rid of bacteria, when that cleaning cycle fails, the McFlurry machines are unable to be used until a specialist comes to fix them.

Now that the FTC has officially stepped in to investigate the issue, a letter was sent to all McDonald’s franchises earlier this summer informing them of the process. The agency also wants a thorough explanation of how McDonald’s reviews all of its suppliers and equipment, especially the McFlurry machines.

You may recall that things have gotten so out of control with the machines, that a website called “McBroken” lists all of the broken McFlurry machines based on your location—and the site is consistently updated due to the machines rarely working.

As of now, McDonald’s has not yet publicly commented on the FTC investigation.


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