Fairly Ricky’s Child Blue nonetheless reportedly owes $1 million in restitution

Handsome Ricky member Baby Blue may have done his time, but he’s not done paying his dues yet. According to TMZ, the singer reportedly still has over $1 million in compensation to pay back as part of his prison sentence.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons explains more about Baby Blue’s release and sentencing

The outlet spoke exclusively to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and learned more about Baby Blue’s release and sentencing.

According to the Bureau, Blue was released Tuesday from the Coleman Low Federal Correctional Institution in Florida. And was transferred to the BOP’s Miami Residential Reentry Management Office. This is an office that looks after inmates returning to public life.

Upon his release, Blue will remain in community detention, which can be either “house arrest or a transitional facility.” Until he is officially released from custody on April 4th.

However, Blue will remain on supervised release for another three years. And still has to pay back $1,111,345.23 in “compensation as part of his sentence.”

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Blue forfeited his 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia a year ago. But that transaction only deducted about $65,000 from the hefty amount. Blue still owes over $1 million.

Baby Blue shares more details about his release from prison and subsequent name change

Blue was released from prison Tuesday after serving just over a year of his 20-month sentence. In an exclusive correspondence with The Shade Room’s Brianne D, the singer revealed he’s changing his name to Bigg Money Blue.

He also explained more about his release from prison, revealing that “his early release was granted under the First Step Act.” A law introduced by Donald Trump in 2018. And “allows eligible inmates to participate in recidivism reduction programs and earn early release credit.”

Blue also revealed he has new music and a book for fans on the way.

Baby Blue’s release from prison was confirmed by Groupmate Pleasure P.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the singer was greeted by Pleasure P. and Spectacular as he left prison on Tuesday.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Blue pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in August 2021. In December of that year, Blue was sentenced to 20 months in prison. And on February 1, 2022, the singer turned himself in to authorities, The Shade Room reported.

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