Emily Blunt’s Story of Her “Horrible” First Kiss Will Make You Cringe

You never forget your first kiss. And for Emily Blunt, it was a “horror show.” 

The “awful” smooch took place during a game of Spin the Bottle at the actress’ 13th birthday party. 

“There were, like, 18 kids in the dining room, and I put up a sign on the door saying, ‘Don’t come in, Mom,'” Blunt recalled during the May 26 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “And she listened!” 

The bottle landed on Ashley Clark, a young man with bangs, “great curtains” as Blunt remembered. “Like, they were blonde, and he was very tall and very handsome.” 

The star of A Quiet Place II then went in for the smooch. “Now, I’d heard about the concept of French kissing, but I thought, ‘Well, that sounds weird. Like, why would that be pleasurable or nice?’ And it wasn’t. It was not at all,” she said. “I was just, like, horrified by the whole thing. And I just remember surreptitiously sort of, like, wiping my mouth afterwards. You know, it was horrible.”

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