Dreezy Alleges The Man Who Assaulted Her In Mexico Had An Challenge

dreezy jacquees

If “that’s mine and I’ma stick beside him” was a person, you can say Dreezy fits the build. While vacationing in Mexico, a Roommate caught an incident between Dreezy, Jacquees, and an unknown man. The videos show Dreezy riled up and upset. The Chicago native swung her shoe at a man while calling him a “stupid a*s ni**a.” During the incident, Jacquees stood to the side calmly by security. With not much information about what caused the altercation, Dreezy decided to hop on live to clear the air about the incident. While sitting in a pool with Jacquees seated in the background, she claimed that the man had an altercation with Jacquees over an unknown issue.

“This is why celebrities or whatever ya’ll want to call it, people with followings have to be careful when we’re so friendly with people. You know, thinking that people are fans, and thinking people f**k with you but they really on some bulls**t,” Dreezy said. She explained that Jacquees and the man got into a fight, and once the altercation was over, she claimed she walked over to see what happened, and that’s when the man allegedly punched her in the face.

Dreezy wants y’all to put some respeck on her bae’s name! She addressed the second video that showed Jacquees standing to the side while throwing objects at the man. She claims that Jacquees held his own during the altercation and allegedly body-slammed and kicked the man. That’s why he proceeded to stand aside with security because the situation was already handled. According to Dreezy, the man was arrested following the incident.

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