Donald Trump says he would battle President Biden in a boxing match: “He would go down very, in a short time”

On Thursday #DonaldTrump participated in a press conference for the The fight between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort will take place on Saturday.

During the phone call, he was asked a hypothetical question about who he would be fighting against in a fight.

Well, after saying that the fight against a professional boxer wasn’t going to go so well, he decided to say he was going to fight President Joe Biden.

Trump stated, “If you said if I had to box someone, my most likely fight would be Joe Biden,” he said confidently. “Because I think it would go down very, very quickly. Very, very quickly. “

According to @tmz_tv, Donnie “gets paid millions to call one of three broadcast options for the Trill fight alongside his son Don Jr. on Saturday.”

Trump is supported by UFCs Jorge Masvidal and Todd Grisham. Rapper 50 Cent will also be commenting during the main broadcast.

Well, you can always count on Donald Trump to have his voice heard, even when he’s locked out on social media.

Can you imagine two men in their 70s boxing?

Regarding Trump and his embassies, he recently spoke about the suicide bombings outside Kabul airport that took place last month.

Trump was sure the attacks would not have happened if he had been in office.

He said, “This tragedy should never have happened. It should never have happened, and it would not have happened if I were your president.

Roommate, what do you think of that?

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