Don Cheadle defends Kevin Hart after an ungainly interview goes viral

Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle love each other, they just have a strange way of showing it.

Viewers saw their interesting dynamic when the Iron Man actor appeared on comedian Hart to Heart’s new Peacock talk show on Thursday, August 12th. The two friends discussed various topics, including Don’s philanthropic endeavors. You know, I’m 56 years old … “

Kevin said: “Damn it!” Effectively truncating Don in mid-sentence.

What followed was an awkward silence and a lot of scowling stare from Don. Kevin was contrite for making the actor appear age-damaging, but defended himself and said he didn’t mean it.

In the end, the interview continued without any further problems, but not before Don gave Kevin some good-natured grief.

Understandably, the moment went viral on social media as many criticized Kevin for his reaction to Don’s age. But Cheadle shrugged it off and wrote on Twitter, “I think this is my all-time favorite interview.”

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