Derrick Jaxn Confirms He Cheated On His Spouse Beforehand (Video)

Everything that is done in the dark comes to light at some point! Last week, blogger Tasha K shared the story of self-proclaimed relationship expert Derrick Jaxn cheating on his wife. After denying allegations yesterday, he decided to change his mind. In a video sitting next to his wife Da’Naia Jackson and holding hands, he confirmed that he had previously cheated on his wife.

Derrick said he was with other women and made it clear what that meant. He explained, “I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe lunch or something. I’m talking about as seriously as sex, sexual flirting and dating and things like that. “He pointed out that his behavior fell under the umbrella of inappropriateness, betrayal, affair and exit and was definitely inconsistent with the vowels he was using or the biblical standard of what it means to be faithful .

He went on to say that he felt the need to share this publicly with his followers because he had already had the conversation about his infidelity with his wife. “It is important that I let you know that I do not stand by these actions,” said Derrick. “I don’t want to encourage anyone to do it. Second, I know that I cannot build a platform to preach certain things, preach against certain things, and then live against it in my real life. “

During the video, he also said that he deserves to be held responsible for his actions and everyone else. While it was great that Derrick was living in his truth, many roommates felt sympathy for his wife and commented on her body language through the video. One commented: “Sister is checked out and it’s sad.” Another commented, “This is the best he has ever recognized for your presence. Sister has a hood and looks very disturbed !! Sad! Smh. “

Let’s hope Derrick and Da’Naia can solve their marital problems.

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