Delvantae King Points An Apology After Viral Video Exhibits Him Threatening Youngsters On A College Bus In Protection Of His Daughter (Replace)

By now many of you have seen the viral video of a father threatening a bus full of children in Louisville, KY as he warned them not to touch his daughter again after she had reportedly been hit.

The father has since been identified as Delvantae King, and he is issuing an apology for his actions as he explains that his emotions took over at that moment. In an interview with Wave 3 News, King said,

“My child was being bullied since last year…school been notified, parent been notified, nobody has done nothing about it.”

He continued to share that three days into the new school year his child was being bullied once again by the same person. King says he tried to handle the situation with the school and the parent, but no one did anything about the situation. He says his daughter was jumped on the school bus and ended up with a knot on her head.

“I could of said different things, but I let my emotions and my frustration and anger get the best of me,” he said. “I’m pretty sure with anybody with kids if they would too.”

He made it clear that this whole incident is due to bullying, and with no resolution, he questioned, “what are you left to do?”

As previously reported, Principal Jamie Wyman of Carter Elementary School sent an email to parents on Friday after the incident occurred and reassured them that the bus driver was directed to take the students back to the school without making any additional stops, and once at the school , the students waited until LMPD and JCPS Security arrived.

She also shared the bus was followed after King was removed from the bus and the children reported seeing a gun as the bus was followed.

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