Delta, American, and Southwest Airways Will Not Make COVID-19 Vaccinations Obligatory For Workers

While United Airlines, as well as Frontier Airlines are requiring for workers to be vaccinated, Delta, American, and Southwest Airlines will not make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory.

Delta, American, and Southwest Airlines have decided to not make the COVID vaccine mandatory, but they will offer incentives such as paid time and cash, if employees choose to do so.

According to FOX LA, “Delta, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have all decided against mandating vaccines for their crews but “strongly encouraged” them, straying away from airlines such as Frontier and United Airlines which announced vaccine mandates for employees earlier this month.”

American Airlines stated their incentive includes giving employees an extra day off in 2022 and $50, if an employee decides to “proactively” receive the vaccine.

While Delta says, “Nearly 75% of our employees have been vaccinated and the rate continues to climb.” New hires are required to receive the vaccine but current employees are not. “Paid time off, cash prizes and travel prizes” have been offered to employees who decide they want to be vaccinated.

Southwest continues to “strongly encourage” their staff to receive the vaccine, but it is not mandated. Incentives have not been made public information, as of yet.

As previously reported, United Airlines announced on August 6th that they are requiring 67,000 employees to receive the vaccine by October 25th. If they fail to do so, they risk being terminated.

Executives at the airline added, “Over the last 16 months, Scott has sent dozens of condolences letters to the family members of United employees who have died from COVID-19. We’re determined to do everything we can to try to keep another United family from receiving that letter.”

The mandate will not apply to regional airlines that fly shorter routes, or those with health issues or religious reasons.

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