Damson Idris Follows Dream Doll Relationship Rumors

Here we go again! As recently as last week, Ashanti was trending on Twitter after posing for a picture with a mysterious man. The internet made the picture like this was her potential boo, and Ashanti stepped back into the shadows to end the rumors. Ashanti clarified that the man and manager were at a restaurant she was visiting while on vacation in Mexico. They would have thought that people on Twitter would have learned their lesson about assuming that two people were dating just because they were photographed together, but of course they didn’t.

The weekend was when the Oscars were held and some notable people in the entertainment industry were seen at parties. One of them was the actor Damson Idris aka Franklin Saint from “Snowfall”.

He was at a party in Beverly Hills, California that was also attended by Dream Doll. Dream was there because she was doing a performance and looked very cute in a fitted green dress with her hair pulled back in a long braid. Once the photos of them hit the internet, people assumed it was an item and if you suspected the assumptions were made on Twitter, you’re right. One tweeted, “Damson Idris went crazy. Why is he with Dream Doll? I’m so jealous. “Another wrote,” Dream Doll caught Damson quickly. “

Damson caught the wind of the discussion and quickly closed the rumors. He tweeted: “Ok. So don’t pose near women because then we are apparently married. Forgive me. I’m still studying. “Damson has been out here on these streets lately, recording it for the brothers in the Dark Skin Society. Dream also stepped into The Shade Room to double his response and comment, You need to relax … Possible boo? I literally only met him yesterday, it was just a damn photo. “

Summer isn’t quite here yet and it already got the girls hot and molested when he recently teamed up with fellow zaddies Drake and Daniel Kaluuya. Overall, I can agree that I’m not ready to see Damson booed just yet, but please relax if you assume people get together for just a picture!

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