Congratulation! Tessica Brown AKA ‘Gorilla Glue Lady’ is anticipating her sixth little one!

Tessica Brown and Dewitt Madison

Roommate, congratulations to Tessica Brown and her fiancé Dewitt Madison as the couple just announced they are expecting their first child together! This will be Tessica’s sixth child and along with her fiancé’s four children, the couple will have a mixed family of 10 children.

Tessica Brown is living her best life these days after her virus accident with a bottle of Gorilla Glue. Since then, she’s got a new hairstyle, a Hollywood smile – and now she’s a mother again for the sixth time. After a total of four home pregnancy tests, Tessica still didn’t really believe she was pregnant and instead went to her doctor to officially confirm the good news.

Tessica and Dewitt have reportedly been together for a year and got engaged back in June 2020. Although she stated that the two have known each other for several years, she only recently decided to date.

As we previously reported, Tessica and Dewitt officially took to Instagram earlier this month. At the time, she went over to Instagram to show us her boo, courtesy of a black and white photo of the two sitting in the car.

She put a caption on the photo and wrote, “If it’s really nothing, or if nobody can get in the way, someone said you were looking for him [stop sign emoji] PLAY. “

Congratulations to the happy couple on their imminent arrival!

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