Cole Swindell Confirms New Girlfriend Is From This Music Video

In the game of love Cole Swindell maybe just scored.

The 38-year-old country singer got the internet talking last week when he confirmed his new romance on social media. “#GameDate”, the “Single Saturday Night” singer wrote his Instagram selfie on the side Courtney Little at an MLB baseball game.

If the photo wasn’t enough to prove these two are real, Cole liked several comments, including the messages “I’d smile too” and “You look good you two”.

Perhaps the best news came from a fan who paid tribute to Cole’s hit single by saying, “Somebody had their last single on Saturday night. HECK YEAH! #Hadto.”

Who is that special lady that makes Cole especially happy this fall? For starters, you might recognize her from the music video for Cole’s latest song “Some Habits”. Your undeniable chemistry in the video now suddenly makes a lot more sense!

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