Coi Leray Tweets About What Kind Of Dedication She Needs In A

Know your worth and add tax! There is nothing that can change a woman’s mind that knows what she wants and a man. When it’s so many couples deemed as relationship goals, it is easy to get caught up in what appears to be the perfect relationship. Earlier today, Coi Leray set the record straight on what type of man she wants and made it clear that she wouldn’t tolerate a cheater.


Coi is standing ten toes down on the fact that she will not be sharing her man with anyone else. She tweeted, “I will never share my ni**a. I REPEAT! NEVERRRRRRRR.” She continued tweeting, “If I’m in a relationship, ni**a be ready to be with me to the day I die… If you are not ready for that commitment, keep it moving.”


There was a mix of opinions in our comment section. One Roommate wrote, “Period. Let’s not normalize giving these men a free pass. If you want an open relationship. I AM SINGLE.” Another Roommate commented assuming that Coi was talking about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, writing, “ I bet this for Travis and them.”


If you recall, earlier today, Kylie was trending on Twitter after news started circulating online. Kylie rarely addresses rumors, but sis said she had time today. She hopped on Twitter to clear the hours just hours later, denying that she was in an open relationship with Travis.

Coi said “AHT AHT” to anyone who thought she was coming for Kylie. She tweeted, “And one thing yall not going to come for Kylie. Bi**h I love Kylie.”


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