Choose noticed with Tory Lanez and his crew within the elevator

With the Megan Thee Stallion assault trial entering its second week, we have yet another twist when a juror was reportedly spotted alongside Tory Lanez and his team in a courthouse elevator.

Despite the close proximity, they have not discussed the case

According to Los Angeles Times reporter James Queally, the judge vaguely admitted that there was an “incident” with a juror. Queally went on to say that while details were unclear, he himself saw the juror in question in an elevator with Tory Lanez and his security and public relations team.

However, the journalist certainly noted that he “did not see her speak or hear any discussion of the case.”

The judge called the same jury into the chambers to discuss “a problem.”

Meghann Cuniff, a journalist at Law & Crime, confirmed that there was indeed a “jury problem,” although details were scarce. However, Cuniff noted that a juror “was asked to stand back” and was later called into the chambers to discuss the situation “privately.”

She also described the juror as a “fair-skinned black woman with braided hair” who had previously donned “pink cheetah-print pants” in the courthouse. It was also noted that the juror in question admitted “to being familiar with at least one party in the case.”

Tory’s attorney reached out to an investigator about Kelsey Nicole’s diss track

Aside from the situation between Tory and the jury, another notable development involved Kelsey Nicole’s diss track “Bussin Back.”

According to Meghann Cuniff, there was a back-and-forth between Tory’s lawyer George Mgdesyan and an investigator during cross-examination. In particular, they discussed Kelsey’s diss track, and the investigation “seemed to be developing and also took a somewhat blatant turn” after Mgdesyan asked the investigator about explicit lyrics involving fellatio.

Mgdesyan’s “aggressive tone” and approach escalated to the point where Judge Herriford called a fringe action.

So it sounds like things got a little heated in the courtroom!

We will keep you up to date on further developments with the trial version.

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