Charlamagne Tha God Says Drake’s Rule In Hip Hop Is Ending – “I Do not Know If He Has Any Totally different Gear”

Charlamagne Tha God and Drake

Roommate, Charlamagne Tha God is known for his openness and opinion – but his latest take on Drake surprised even his most devoted fans. Charlamagne recently announced that he believes Drake’s 10 year reign in the world of hip hop has officially come to an end.

During a recent episode of his podcast “Brilliant Idiots,” Charlamagne Tha God held back his thoughts on the current state of Drake’s career – and stated that Drizzy’s position in hip hop has not been what it has been in recent years being earlier.

Charlamagne said this about the end of Drake’s era:

“Drake has given us so much music that I don’t know if he has any other equipment. We know Kendrick has a different gear. He shows us that with every project. Drake has given us so much, I don’t know if he’s got any other gear so I’m not looking forward to anything. Let me ask you a question: are we still in the Drake era? Or is radio such a prehistoric form of media that it hasn’t changed the temperature in the way it actually happens here on these streets? It still feels like we’re in a Drake Era – I don’t think we’re in a Drake Era, I don’t think we’ve been in a Drake Era in the last three or four years. “

He wasn’t done yet and when asked if he was looking forward to Drake’s new album (which he said he wasn’t) he explained why he was more anticipating Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album.

“No… we love Kendrick for the same reasons [Lamar]. Kendrick makes us wait, Kendrick gives us something to look forward to. Kendrick takes his time, ”said Charlamagne.

So far, Drake has not responded publicly to Charlamagne’s criticism.

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