Cardi B shares photographs from her maternity shoot with Offset and her daughter Kulture

Roommates, as you may already know, at the BET Awards 2021, Cardi B confirmed the rumors of her second pregnancy with husband Offset! During her lively performance, she rocked a sequin one-piece with a bare center part. This middle section gave viewers an expected glimpse of her growing baby bump! Then, on Monday, Cardi generously gave the world two additional insights into her new blessing with Offset and her daughter Kulture!

The award-winning rapper apparently posted two photos from a recent maternity photoshoot. The first post shows her and her husband Offset. In the photo, Offset is standing behind a naked Cardi, her hands under her pregnant belly. His head is buried behind her neck and he appears shirtless with jewelry adorning his wrists and neck.

Cardi’s face is slightly transformed into Offset’s with his eyes closed. She clutched her bare breasts with both hands showing her usual long claws – this time painted white. She kept her accessories minimal with gold, hanging earrings, and gold bangles on both wrists. Along with the post, she wrote a heartfelt caption recognizing their marriage and thanking the world for their love!

“We listened to each other, communicated, prayed and then God blessed us and our family with another little blessing,” wrote Cardi B. “Our home feels so happy and very busy, but we are ready and so happy !! Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and good wishes. “

The second post showed Cardi and Kulture, their first-born daughter with offset. The mum-daughter duo posed in white clothing that is traditional to Caribbean customs, including the Dominican culture of Cardi. Cardi lies slightly on her side while Kulture sits next to her. Mama Cardi showed her stomach again in a two-piece outfit with a crossed top and a high-slit skirt. She adorned the look with large gold earrings and stacked gold bracelets.

Kulture also wore a white headgear, paired with a dress and complemented with a gold choker necklace and a gold bangle. Both mom and daughter appeared to be looking at each other as Kulture’s hand was gently placed on her unborn sibling’s house. Under the post, Cardi also wrote sweet aspirations for her children’s future relationship.

“All I know is that these two will love each other so much and argue so much because they’re three years apart … just like me and Henny,” Cardi wrote. “But one thing is certain: they will back each other up like no one else will.”

Check out the photos below:

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