Cardi B Requests Delay In Upcoming Trial Over Mixtape Cowl Artwork

Cardi B is asking a judge to hold off the upcoming trial over the image placed on her first mixtape after being sued nearly 4 years ago. According to documents obtained by TMZ. Cardi is asking to postpone the trial slated for October due to her recently giving birth to her second child, a baby boy, on September 4th with her husband Offset.  The couple also has a daughter together, three-year Kulture.

Cardi feels she shouldn’t be required to travel from the East Coast to Southern CA because she needs to be with her newborn. In the documents, she also mentions the risk of COVID-19. Specifically with people spending extended periods of time in public places, such as airports, hotels, and the courthouse, which she would have to be inside of during trial.

If you recall, Cardi’s mixtape ‘Gangsta Bi*** Music, Vol. One’ captures her with a man placed in between her legs while she drinks a beer. Outside of the attention on the mixtape due to the cover, the tape helped gain Cardi notice. Fans navigated to the breakout single, “Foreva.” As well as the song “Lick” which features Offset on the track.

The man on the cover, Kevin Brophy sued the Bronx native, claiming he never posed for the photo or permitted Cardi to use his likeness. In addition, he claimed the ordeal ruined his life, and he is seeking at least $5 million in damages. Cardi is requesting the trial to be postponed at least 75 days, but currently, the judge hasn’t decided. Roomies, we’ll keep y’all updated as new information becomes available on the trial and the outcome.

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