Captain Sandy Yawn simply fired one other crew member beneath decks

Chef stew Fraser OlenderAlissa’s manager, and close friend aboard the St. David, commented on Sandy’s decision.

“Yes, there was an attitude, but she was also great at her job, so I’m worried that within hours we’ll have a charter,” he said in a confessional. “But I feel like Captain Sandy gave me a second chance here. Let’s take this opportunity to turn things around.”

In her confessional, Alissa explained she felt like a “scapegoat,” adding, “I’m the only person other than Fraser who has the balls to speak up and defend our team. It’s impossible to replace Fraser, so she had to get the next best thing, and that’s me.”

A person who was happy to hear the news? Camille getting a call from her boyfriend Ben Willoughby telling her that her former rival had also been fired.

“I’ve been confirmed,” Camille said proudly. “I always looked at her terribly for want of a better expression and she showed her face. I’m happy that people could see what I saw. Hashtag justice for Camille.”

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