Cable Information largely ignores Adam Schiff’s rebuke to cowl the lacking Titanic submarine

The big move by Republicans in the House to bolster Trump was largely ignored as cable news was limited to talking about the missing Titanic submarine.

Here’s how CNN reported the ship’s message:

The criticism aired on CNN at 7 p.m. for about a minute, which was longer than MSNBC at 6 or 7 p.m. CNN spent nearly half an hour on the Titanic submarine, about five minutes on Trump, a little time on Ukraine, and then back to the missing submarine.

Criticism of Schiff has been ubiquitous at Newsmax and will get a lot of buzz at Fox News, but overall criticism of Adam Schiff has eluded the predictable media pattern of House Republicans doing things to help Trump or placating those on the outside not to be noticed The right-wing media bubble.

Republicans in the House of Representatives complain that their stories don’t get traction outside of the conservative media.

The reason is that Republicans in the House of Representatives are pushing either Russian disinformation Biden bribery allegation, or they commit brutal partisan stunts like Adam Schiff’s censorship.

Kevin McCarthy’s Trump appeasement can’t keep up with the drama of a missing submarine near the Titanic wreck.

Republicans tried to attract attention and help Trump. You failed again.

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