Boosie doubles up on feedback on Lori Harvey’s relationship historical past

Angry! Boosie has been talking about it a lot lately, and after getting some feedback on recent comments on Lori Harvey, he took to Instagram to double up on what was said.

While speaking with Vlad, Boosie made some comments about Lori Harvey and her past relationships, even referring to them as “passing on”. He also noted that she is not the type of woman he would marry based on her history with shooters.

Some people gave Boosie props to say what everyone was thinking, and some people criticized him for talking about a woman he doesn’t even know personally. However, Boosie persists, saying that people shouldn’t strive for their daughter to behave similarly.

“I just said you did manage to say those are goals,” said Boosie. “When you say these are targets, it means your daughter is supposed to be fucking seven, eight, nine n * ggas in a few months in the industry. If these are goals, if that’s cool, if your daughter does this, then I can’t say it sucks. “

Boosie is definitely entitled to his own opinion, but he’s also seen a lot of backlash for his own actions. We previously reported that his Instagram page was removed for violating community guidelines and people didn’t forget the day he made comments on the Wade family.

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