Bobby Valentino is dragged after calling ladies “B-Phrases” and criticizing them for not sporting garments on social media

Bobby Valentino gave social media some of his thoughts when it comes to women’s fashion (or lack thereof) and let’s just say it didn’t go over well with women.

Bobby V’s first mistake was likely calling women “b **** es” before criticizing them for being naked on Instagram.

His message read: “You are so excited about this app that I wonder how you look in clothes … like if sister was cute in a turtleneck sweater.”

It wasn’t clear what made Bobby Valentino specifically open his mouth, but let’s just say that his message was not well received and the roommates approached him about his job in the women’s business.

Now there were some roommates who agreed with Bobby Valentino’s views but asked that the news came from him.

“Correct message FALSE Messenger,” said one roommate.

“Slow down Valentino … we won’t forget you,” commented another roommate, referring to a previous sex scandal involving Bobby and a trans woman who allegedly tried to force Bobby to make her have sex. Bobby denied anything had happened.

Many others made comments about Bobby being “lame” and “washed up”.

The overwhelmingly negative reaction to Bobby’s words led Bobby Valentino to address his critics in a separate video that he posted on his IG page.

“So if I’m so washed out and lame, why do you care so much what I do?” Bobby asked the fans. “I do not understand that. Someone lame and washed up? I wouldn’t even look for him like that. I’m still trying to understand that too. “

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