Bob Odenkirk in Steady Situation After Struggling “Coronary heart-Associated” Problem

Throughout his long career in Hollywood, Bob has received four Emmy nominations in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as con-man lawyer Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul. The show, which is currently filming season six, is a spinoff of Breaking Bad.

In the middle of filming the show’s final season, Bob couldn’t help but reflect on a role that has provided countless opportunities including a Critics’ Choice Television Award.

“Here’s the great thing about the character I get to play, as opposed to maybe Walter White or Tony Soprano or other long-running lead characters. My character has an incredible amount of variety written into his behavior,” he shared with Variety. “There will literally be a scene, like the one we did yesterday, that is such pure comedy that I almost click into sketch-comedy acting mode. And then there’s a scene that’s quiet, subtle, dramatic, personal, deeply felt, earnest, and in no way an exaggeration or a comic take on people’s feelings.”

Bob continued, “Because of that, it keeps it really fresh and great for me. It makes it a much easier character to stay in for a long time.”

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