Blueface artist ChriseanRock will get his actual identify written on his face (video)

We’ve heard of people showing their bosses commitment, but Blueface artist ChriseanRock is the next level with theirs!

The rapper, who was an outstanding star in Blueface’s Blue Girls Club, is the first Blueface artist to sign with his record label Blueface LLC.

She’s dropped a couple of songs with Blue since signing with him, and while she’s certainly working on the music, she’s also known for her antics, including a big fight she fought with another girl at Blueface’s house where she lost one of her front teeth.

People are speculating about their personal relationship with Blueface too, and their latest ink isn’t helping the rumors subside anytime soon.

ChriseanRock posted a short video on her Instagram page in which she got a tattoo on the side of her face right next to one of her ears.

In the video, she wears a blue romper and hood while lying on her side while a tattoo artist works on her face.

She jumps up and asks if anyone who is recording can see the ink that clearly says “Jonathan,” Blueface’s first name.

You can see the video below:

She couldn’t explain why she got the tattoo, but she seemed delighted with it.

Chrisean first made headlines when people asked why she didn’t get her tooth repaired after it was knocked out during a scuffle.

they exclusively told us at the time that procrastination was the reason why she hadn’t got her new tooth.

She said, “Blueface paid for everything, for my permanent replacement. I just have to screw it in my mouth so I honestly hesitate. ”

We’re sure she figured that part out by now.

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