Ayesha, mom of Lil Child’s eldest son, seems to be reacting to Jayda Cheaves & Lil Child’s potential breakup

On Thursday, Jayda Cheaves went to IG and suggested a possible breakup with Lil ‘baby. She expressed that she was never single and had to re-learn herself.

Lil baby’s eldest son, Ayesha, took to Twitter on Friday and had a few things to say in now-deleted tweets.

She wrote: “It’s so sad that the internet is choosing whom certain people should better pity for, and in the eyes of these mad fans, one person’s pain is not as important as another!”

Most recently, Ayesha posted a photo and IG story of her in a Range Rover that many believe Lil Baby finally gave her as a gift.

According to TMZ, Lil Baby and Ayesha exchanged some documents in court and both asked a judge to make some motions in their honor. Apparently Ayesha was filing legal documents to request a declaration of paternity and child support. Baby claimed he had a net worth of $ 4 million, as previously reported.

Baby hit back by filing some papers of his own, claiming that he had already “covered all of the costs of the care, support and maintenance” of his son. He also claims that he sends regular support payments for Jason. Baby also wants the court to grant him primary and joint custody of his son.

Ayesha claims Baby has never wanted primary custody of Jason and claims that he is now asking “for retaliation and in an attempt to punish, harass, threaten and intimidate”. She also notes that Jason has been in her primary care since he was born.

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