Antron Pippen’s mom pays tribute to the son after he’s laid to relaxation

Antron PippenThe family continues to mourn after his sudden death.

Tuesday April 27th Karen Pippen went to Instagram and confirmed that her son was retired over the weekend.

“Your wings were ready, but my heart wasn’t,” she wrote to her followers. “Son, it has been a great pleasure and honor to be your mother. You have left me with so many wonderful memories that I will keep every day. Your transition has left a huge void in my heart and the pain is quite unbearable.”

Karen added, “I will miss you very much and my love for you is forever. Have a good rest my little boy until we meet again. @Antronpippen @scottiepippen.”

Antron died on April 17th at the age of 33. His death was confirmed by his father Scottie Pippenwho shared the news on Twitter. “I am broken that I said goodbye to my firstborn son Antron yesterday,” he wrote on April 19. “We both loved basketball and had tons of conversations about the game. Antron had chronic asthma and if he hadn’t had it I really think he would have made it to the NBA.”

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