Anti-Vaxxer Radio Host Marc Bernier Referred to as The US Authorities Nazis Now He Is Useless From COVID

South Florida right-wing radio host Marc Bernier refused to be vaccinated and called the US government Nazis has died from COVID.

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the host was an anti-vaxxer for years:

Bernier had issues with vaccines for years.

Mel Stack, an attorney and friend who regularly advertised on the program, said Bernier’s anti-vaccination views were not based on politics, but personal experience based on how he believed vaccines had impacted people near to him.

Bernier’s concerns extended to the COVID-19 vaccines.

In His Final Tweet, Bernier compared the US government to Nazis

Berner tweeted on July 30:


Republicans And Right-Wingers Are Using Their “Freedom” To Choose Death

It is difficult to feel sympathy for people who are choosing not to take a vaccine that would save their lives. People like Marc Bernier chose to die. He could have taken a free vaccine that would have prevented an agonizing three-week death, but he put politics and anti-vaccine beliefs ahead of saving his own life.

Republicans are committed suicide by COVID, but unlike other forms of suicide, they are also sickening and killing others in the process.

The anti-vaccine terrorists, most of whom are spreading fear for political gain, are being eliminated one by one by COVID natural selection.

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