Anthony Hopkins marks 45 years sober after consuming nearly “to dying”

Anthony Hopkins was “on the way to disaster” before he sobered up in 1975.

Almost half a century later, on Tuesday, December 29th, the screen legend celebrated 45 years of sobriety with an inspiring message of hope. Towards the end of 2020, he explained why he must be very grateful for this year.

Hopkins shared a video on Instagram today and opened this year by acknowledging everyone’s pain. The 82-year-old star said, “The New Year is just around the corner. It’s been a tough year of grief and grief for many, many, many people. But 45 years ago today I had a wake up call.”

He admitted, “I was on my way to disaster. I drank myself to death.”

Although the actor describes The Silence of the Lambs as “not preaching,” he spoke about the reason he quit drinking all those years ago.

“I got a message,” he said. “A little thought that said, ‘Do you want to live or die?’ I said, “I want to live.” And suddenly there was relief and my life was amazing. ”

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