A legal referral is being looked for Clarence Thomas

The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) has written to a committee of federal judges authorized to refer Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to the DOJ for criminal investigations.

The CCL wrote to the Judiciary Conference:

The Campaign Legal Center respectfully requests that the Judicial Conference exercise its powers under 5 USC § 13106(b) and refer Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to the US Attorney General because “there is reasonable grounds to believe” that he “willfully failed to submit reportable information” under the Ethics in Government Act (“EIGA”).

In particular, Judge Thomas’ public statement of April 7, 2023 and recent news reports confirm that he has not filed required disclosures of gifts for private plane and yacht travel from any person for over twenty years. There is reason to believe that the omissions were intentional, as Judge Thomas (1) previously lawfully reported on the same person’s private plane travel but ceased disclosure after adverse media attention; and (2) has historically omitted material information from its financial reports.
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The Ethics In Government Act reporting limit is $415. Any gift or reimbursement that exceeds US$415 must be reported by law. Judge Thomas accepted gifts from a Republican donor worth more than 1,000 times the legal limit.

As the CLC notes, Thomas stopped filing the disclosure forms when he was caught by the press.

If the United States is indeed to be a nation where no one is above the law, that standard must apply to Judge Thomas as much as it did to former President Donald Trump.

Judge Thomas’ actions and statement since his financial arrangement with a Republican donor was uncovered do not indicate that the Supreme Court Justice acted in error. Instead of showing remorse, Thomas has tried to justify his actions.

It seems that Clarence Thomas believes he is above the law, which is why he needs to be held accountable.

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